QR-API.com vs QR Code Monkey API

Compare QR-API.com with QR Code Monkey to see QR-API.com and see when you should consider using QR-API.com instead of GoQR.me API.

1. Pricing

GoQR.me is free to use with limit features, see below.

At QR-API.com, we have the most affordable price compare to other service with much more features. We don't have subscription plans and the pricing is very flexible:

  • $14 for 100,000 quota
  • $42 for 500,000 quota
  • $79 for 2,000,000 quota

You can extend your quota any time, quota are stacked and never expired.

2. Features

Similar features:

  • Support GET request
  • Return image format: PNG, PDF, EPS, SVG QR code

What QR-API.com do better:

  • Support POST request
  • Add and manage multiple API keys, assign quota to each key to limit their usage.
  • Log, track and export report for API requests.
  • Upload and manage logos.
  • Custom your QR code with styling and add logo to QR code

3. Latency

You should try their free QR code API to test the latency.

If your server far from their server, the latency may increase.

At QR-API.com, we currently host our API in the US. If you need support to open new server, please open a request.