QR-API.com vs API-ninjas QR code API

Compare QR-API.com with API-ninjas to see QR-API.com is the best alternative to API-ninjas.

1. Pricing

API-ninjas QR code API has better price compare to QR-API.com, but we offer much more features, see below.

Visit API-ninjas pricing page, they provide 3 monthly plan:

  • $19/month for 200,000 requests
  • $49/month for 1,000,000 requests
  • $159/month for 5,000,000 requests

* Note that API-ninjas provide more API types than QR-API.com. You may want to visit their site so find out.

At QR-API.com, we don't have monthly subscription plans, you buy package to extend your requests:

  • $14 for 100,000 quota
  • $42 for 500,000 quota
  • $79 for 2,000,000 quota

You can extend your quota any time, quota are stacked and never expired.

2. Features

Similar features:

  • Support GET request.
  • Return image format: PNG, PDF, EPS, SVG QR code.

What QR-API.com do better:

  • Support POST request.
  • Highly customize QR code with logo.
  • Add and manage multiple API keys, assign quota to each key to limit their usage.
  • Log, track and export reports for API requests.
  • Upload and manage logos.

3. Latency

You should try their free plan to test the latency.

If your server far from their server, the latency may increase.

At QR-API.com, we currently host our API in the US. If you need support to open new server, please open a request.